Organize, shmorganize

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I’m really good at organizing, and I mean like, really good. I place all my schoolwork in a binder and organize them by course and date. I organize my pantry by category of food. I organize my refrigerator kind of like a game of Tetris because my fridge is small for my needs.

My problem? I can’t seem to stay organized.

I’ll go on a hardcore cleaning spree and my apartment will be spotless and smell like candles and cleaning products.

2 days later, my laundry is strewn across the floor or over the side of the hamper, rather than in it, my refrigerator looks like a bomb went off, my pantry will look like my dog went canoodling in there when in reality, it was me, and my house just won’t smell fresh anymore.


How can I fix this?

Well, for one thing, I can stop being lazy. I’m pretty bad about putting things back where they belong.

Secondly, I recommend a trash barrel in every room. I often will leave a cup or a bottle on the table because I’m too laaaazy to throw it away in the kitchen. Keep a small receptacle for trash in each room and when it’s full, dump it.

Third, I mean, back to the lazy thing. Just put the damn laundry in the hamper.

Next, I love these bins that you can purchase on Amazon. They’re great for smaller refrigerators that need a little more help in the organization department. You can find the link here – Refrigerator Pull-Out Bin

I love all types of bins and boxes and baskets. I also love lamps! I love this lamp that has a power outlet built in for charging a device, and also has compartments to keep things organized such as pens, coins, or whatever you keep on your desk or nightstand! You an find the link to the lamp here – Desk Lamp with Power Outlet

Also, to keep my apartment smelling fresh, since we aren’t allowed to have burning candles, I have this awesome wax melter that I’ve had for years. You can buy any type of wax cubes you want, any brand. Since it’s the beginning of fall, I am loving these Farm Apple Pumpkin wax melts from Better Homes & Gardens. I’ve provided a link for Amazon, but they can also be purchased at Walmart!

Do you find yourself being lazy too? Share your home organization ideas with me!

4 thoughts on “Organize, shmorganize

  1. I am obsessed with big plastic containers and labeling EVERYTHING to stay organized. My kids have toy boxes, rather than one giant toy box. Each box, although clear, is labeled: Crayons, Paper, Blocks, Dress up, Dolls, Music, etc. etc. I am so obsessed with labeling, their dresser is labeled too: Shirts, Pants, Undies. LOL But no worries, it gets worse, I do it for my husband too. The silliness eventually dawned on me when I realized I labeled a clear plastic container in the kitchen as RICE. Clearly, the container has rice in it, you can see it! LOL Sometimes organization does have its limit. LOL

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  2. Hey independencetohappiness, I enjoyed reading your authentic blog post. I can relate! I too am passionate about organizing and am good at it but then…life. There is the reality that even though we may aim for perfection, it doesn’t exist. Right?
    I’ll share two things that I do that have helped me achieve progress (not perfection): 1) establish routines and 2) delegate.
    I have routines that I do daily at the same time each day like making the bed, doing the dishes and laundry, checking the mail and dealing with paper. Oh my, the paper!!!
    And I have four kids to engage in the organizing process and to teach personal ownership so delegating is an option I have chosen on many occasions such as right now as I type. 🙂 Happy organizing! I look forward to reading more of your posts…

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