Introducing… My Puppers/BFF!

Do dogs make you smile? I know they make me smile.

I have a dog, who is basically my entire world. His name is Bentley, aka Mr. B, Bent, B, Beezo, and sometimes shi*thead, depending on the occasion.

This is my pupperino:

**featuring my handsome boyfriend as well.

But back to the doge. In 2013 I went into a pet store that sold dogs because I wanted to investigate where they came from and how they were treated. NEVER thought I’d ever get a dog, myself. I was 19 years old, still lived with my mom, the thought wasn’t even there. Then I saw this little guy…

I asked if he could come out and they let him out.. He was so sick, and so scared, but he laid right in my lap. His name at the time was “Russell” and he was 16 weeks old.

Yup. I took him home. He was traced back to a puppy mill which made me FURIOUS. I spent a couple grand to get him up and running like a normal dog.

He is my BEST FRIEND on the planet. He has really bad anxiety (I can only imagine why with his birth and early upbringing) so he’s very attached and territorial of his owners. But once he gets to know anyone he’s a love.

He’s now 5 and a half years old. He has done so many things… Such as…

flown on a plane…

been on a boat…

swam in an ocean, lake, pond, and many swimming pools (although I don’t have pictures because I’m usually with him).

He loves to hike and go for walks in the woods or exploring new nature walks. Yes that’s me in the picture!

To me, he’s the greatest.

Tell me what you think and share your pups with me! Or any animals. I love them all. I grew up with cats and I used to have hamsters, lizards, and a snake!

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